Price Match

Here are the requirements to get a price match:

  1. The price you would like us to match has to be for the exact same item.
  2. The item has to be in the same condition
  3. The item has to be sold by a reputable seller. This means the seller has to have an 80% positive feedback or better(or 3 or more stars) while also having 10 reviews or more.                                                                                                                     

Here are the steps to get a price match:

1.Find a product that meets the requirements  listed above.
2.Send us an email at with the product title (e.g. ipod touch 6th gen 16gb), its condition(e.g. new or used), and a link to the product’s page.

That’s it! As soon as we verify that the product qualifies for a price match, we will send you an email confirmation with details on how to claim your discount